They are forcing our heads down.

The Herd Marches Towards its totalitarian fate while the rest of us watch in horror.

The free people of the world have all been conquered by the many armies of dominion. The Market. The Military. The Electoral Process. The Courts. The Legislature. The Police. The Prisons. The Medical Establishment. The MEDIA. All are complicit with the aims of broad governance by those who have wealth and seek to keep the population helpless to change their plight. As we move ahead further into the 21st century...all of these forces are being flung at populations all over the world. Here in America...the degradation and decay are multiplying in every city...every township as our morality crumbles to dust and our cries against the countless injustices and indignities of our epoch are drowned out by an increasingly absurd barrage of corporate sponsored madness.

Bad Girls Club Season 11!

Each Hollywood movie/TV show that is made is a concentrated waste of money, time and resources.
Each military action that is undertaken is a step towards the abyssal state of warfare that we cannot hope to avoid here in America forever.
Each buried news story that elucidated some injustice on the part of the authorities is something that will resurface in the future.
Each verdict in the courts that goes against the will of the people is another act of torture against the human spirit.
Each time a lie is put forward as truth is yet another shit pile we will have to sift through to get the answers we all asked for in the first place.
Each media pundit that glorifies their career as a trusted source of information for the public is yet another deluded fool.
Each cop that reaches for their gun in the course of their duties is a nail in our collective coffin.
Each Drug conviction moves the population further into the confused state of being that has become the norm.
Each Person that accepts their doctors prescription for a "disease" is a corporate made "drug user".
We are drowning in an ocean of dishonesty and instead of being surrounded by helpful human beings who seek to alleviate the suffering of their fellow man...we find that we are ever more encircled by an uncaring and callous bureaucracy that constantly "cannot help you".
What the fuck happened?
Why are people vilified in this country for needing assistance?
Why must we be forced into the debt/labor paradigm?
Why does it seem as if we have no options?
‎7/‎15/‎2013 by KREET-N