E is for Elaborate

-You are free in america.
-A grown man can start a fight with a teenager...and kill them...with a gun...and get away with it.
-An elected official is never responsible for the horrible outcomes of their policies or decisions.
-You can become famous just for being obnoxious.
-Any one can send you kiddie pr0n over email...and if you download the pictures...you are now a kiddie pr0n aficionado! and you can be prosecuted not unlike a witch from back in the day.
-You can join the military and kill people overseas...you can become a cop and kill your own people.....
and...not be punished...ever.
-You cannot leave America without proper papers. which is totally awesome!
-You cannot renounce your citizenship.(unless you have paid 5 years income tax) which is awesome because no one would ever want to leave this AMAZING PLACE.
sing it with me to the tune of Amazing grace....America is an Amazing Place!
-You cannot manufacture anything here for less than a billion dollars a year.
-You cannot get credit without already having credit...but it won't be enough to start a livelihood...just enough to keep you paying that interest into oblivion!
-You can have children as long as you have money to feed them...but you can't own your own home without taking out a loan...which not everyone qualifies for...but hey hey hey ...fuck you! you're the POOR!