Self Defense In a Confusingly Hostile and Petty World

Those who wish to be honest often find that they are the target of deception.
It is those who claim honesty while engaged in the act of deception that one must be most wary of.
Lying comes easy to some.
We all ought to be more aware.

Any event, including those you witnessed or participated in, may not have happened the way you remember it. Our continual revealing of untruth has not yet reached us as a pattern...but rather we still expect even our most terrible adversaries to be honest. The worst kind of adversary is one that presents themselves as a friend.
One cannot be too careful with whom one associates.
The definition of paranoia becomes altered...it is in fact awareness.

The question is...
If your enemy is going to lie...is there any value in putting forth a question?
All people of today will have to face this question as they begin to realize who is and is not their enemy.
I am not your enemy.
I know this.
Whether you believe me or not...remains to be seen.

The warrior class has been completely conquered by the interests of the establishment for over 100 years.
Clearly none of the soldiers of earth prefers freedom.
They worship duty and obligation...and if not this..then they favor wealth.  Their paychecks are what keeps them in line. The audacity that some have to claim honor as an oath-swearer while participating in acts entirely devoid of honor. The means justify the end.  The future is unforeseen.