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It has been difficult to manage in the outside society.
the inner sanctum of dopeheads
is where i've always felt most comfortable

year by year the censorship mounts
while buffoonery is championed and swell monies to boot.

in the end i know that i will fail
others may learn from my mistakes.
be prepared to fight for your liberty
i am ashamed of my cowardice...
but when making a stand means certain death...
like pausing at the cliffs edge...
and deciding to stay on the ground.

challenging the authorities is the duty of any citizen
especially now.
 i must admit that i wish for a total defeat of the enemy
total routing
their way of life has killed so many
no human has any authority over me
my psychotic ignorance is my own right.
i have a right to be insane
i have the right to be stupid
fuck your standards
the world is wild