(some sound advice for all you people coming up)
Don't ever expect any one to be generous with you.
people are miserly and bitter.
Every one has been mistreated throughout the twentieth century
and they are dragging it into this century as well.
There is no guarantee that you will even be paid for some of the jobs you have...
and even then you'll have to accept DOLLARS as a form of payment...
The circle has closed on many of us...we have no way out of this economy.
We are stuck here...taking shit from people.
We work for nothing.
We stand for nothing.
I hate this place .

oh sure the stuff you can buy at the store is soooo nice
but you always run out of money...
work won't pay for your dreams
it will kill your dreams eventually.
I saw it happen to my parents
and they saw it happen to theirs
and ever since the beginning of this circus...
(industrial era)
we have been fighting against the least virtuous of our kind
for the freedom that is rightfully ours.
what sickening revelations follow from such a statement.
and the worst part is...
they believe that factories filled with people is
somehow beneficial to the human race...
it may seem like productivity...
but it is degeneration.
millions of people working for paper that is worthless
each conned into the idea that there is value attached to any of it
there is no value in a thing that is not given value by humans.
the hive brain is humming along now
having been awake for quite some time
it seeks out all the ones that hate its existence...
and records their information automatically.