WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? Toothless Fascism and the New American Way!

We just don't know.
We never get the full story. facts and details are consistently omitted from corporate media.
our information is incomplete
our knowledge is therefore imperfect
We cannot trust our own memories
things did not necessarily happen as we remember them
there were other factors that we failed to undertsand
there were other motives

What the fuck happened to the greatest country on the planet?
the people here have become a new type of insane.
We are falling.
we are failing.
we jumped off a cliff in 2001.

none of us were given a choice
we were educated by the state
punished by our parents
told that we would have to prove ourselves under a rule set that has not been in place for very long and is reminiscent of  toothless fascism...
I predict confusion
I predict Chaos
the weight of all this horse shit must be immense...gargantuan...cataclysmic