they got yall. they got you so you'd sell out your friends for damn near nothin.  They got you ignoring your 
families.  They got you listening to the worst shit and calling it the best shit. They got you eating shit. They got you selling your asses. They got you suckin dick for money. They got you doin them drugs. poppin them pills. They got you real fuckin good. They got you workin nine to six.  They got you recording their shit at home so its waitin for you like your woman should be but she aint...cuz you aint got one. Cuz they got you thinkin that relationships are stupid. Cuz they got you thinkin that you are the most important thing...that whatever the fuck you look at on your iphone all day is fuckin golden fuckin wow. STFU. THEY GOT YALL.

you are all going to die. maybe not today but it will be some day...maybe even sooner than you think. Do you want to live to 80 in a world like this? I don't. I don't want to waste my life but I don't want it taken from me either. So the problem is one of trust. I don't trust any of you and I know you can trust me...but you've abused my trust so many times in the past that I just can't decide which way is the best way to go. I don't want to be misanthropic, but i don't want to be a fucking sap either. So...humanity...i leave it to you. You cheapened everything good in the world...watered it all down and digitized it so that only a select few can really access the feeling of true freedom. THE REST OF US FOUND IT ON OUR OWN USING ILLEGAL DRUGS. FUCK YOU FOR WANTING TO CONTROL US.
FUCK YOU FOR EVER FEELING SUPERIOR TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. FUCK YOU! I'm not waiting to die...I'm gonna watch as you mother fuckers squirm under the weight of your own bullshit when it come to claim you. maybe you should have built one good school...or one decent farm...instead of more shopping malls.  You're lives are worthless wastes of time. Unimportant and uninspired. I weep openly for all of you.