the delightful egotist remembers downtown

As things got weirder and weirder.  Stranger and stranger. Harder and harder. People became less and less agreeable  Less and less friendly.  Les and less willing to help.  We are all reacting to the same stimuli. We are the ones in control. The individual is sovereign. Let us not dwindle away. Let us not be made coward by the thought of gods. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with no enemy. We have no enemies.  The individuals.  The egotists of the present day...they are caught under the weight of modernity. Each is attempting to express a uniqueness.  Each of us trying to take a position away from the herd.  We are running.  All we need to do is build paradise while we are here...alive. It could be done in 6 months.  How many people would it take? Our capabilities are stifled purposely.  The school system...fills the prisons.  The buildings downtown...are mostly empty...each waiting for a company to fill them up.