Another night in poverty brought to you by...

The dog is whining at the door, but we cant let him out because the fence around our house has holes in it and he will chase anything that moves. I should have gone to home depot and bought some chicken wire and lined the yard with it, but I haven't done that yet. It's on my list of things to do. Also on my list of things to do is sell my soul...because I don't have one anyway.  I know that I love myself and my family, but I don't have the thing you christians would call a soul. If I did I would sell it for a comfortable life free from worry or despair. I would live in a great big house with many rooms and big tall ceilings...each room with its own fan.  I don't want to be poor but I am.  I don't want to be a servant but I have no choice. serve or starve. I could always lie cheat or steal.  That seems to be going great for some people.  (a guy got shot in the chest attempting to rob an armored truck today outside a movie theater)
In this world there is no justice.  Justice is a myth that they want children to believe in.  The only justice is what you get for yourself. I have faith in only the selfish nature of human beings...our kindness has been rotted through with money and status. We no longer have any empathy for one another.  This is evident by how many people are shot on any given day.  It has nothing to do with gun availability.  It has to do with fairness...and the availability of true resources...necessary resources.
Hollywood. Our mental nannies.  They've been congratulating themselves this whole time. For a hundred years...infecting the brains of billions upon billions of people...without regard to the end game.  What is the end game? Clearly we have already been conquered.  Clearly we are subjugated and sedate.
We are but soft hearted lambs. We are meek.
But who isn't when they're faced with a gun? Who wants to get shot over some public policy bullshit?  Cops scare us.  The nazis taught america everything it needed to know.  Stopping short of genocide.  Here in America your identity is secondary to your occupation unless you're lucky enough to be born wealthy and then you're a person and encouraged to be well rounded and cultured. Everyone else is just a servant.  The military has been designed to be a most viable option for all young men. It is the only place you can go to get steady employment without a high school degree. They will teach you. train you. and eventually find use for you. er....war.
I opted out of service. never liked the way it sounded. getting yelled at all day. wake up when told. eat when told. It sounds glorious. Truly. Fuck that shit.
I'm not joining up. I'm opting out. I'm independent and for the moment that means I'm poor. Educated, but without respite. There is no rest for us down here in the street.  That doesn't mean we're going to let it kill us.
But hey just so you rich folk know... I know you like to buy and sell people like me every day...so hey!! BUY MY SOUL. I could really use the cash right now.