If we are to believe that this country is as powerful as our "leaders" claim it to be...should we not have some evidence aside from the obvious and most assuredly awesome might of our MILITARY/POLICE/INTELL/COUNTERINTELL complex? We can wage wars...that is for certain. Successful ones or not...we can do it. But can we uplift our own population? This is a tough question.
What would be better than the status quo? I'm going to assume that anyone reading this has some sense of the economic struggles that the majority of the population has had to deal with on an individual level for the last forty years.  Here is my radical plan:

1 Plan and construct massive manufacturing facilities within every major city that are state of the art.
these facilities must be able to produce food, goods and equipment that are greater in quality than anything currently available on the market. (the market is corrupt and suspect anyway...they will get over it.)
2 Give unlimited credit to all citizens
3 Make citizenship a desirable state of being once again.
4 Citizenship should be relatively easy to attain.

All citizens must be allowed to attend any type of learning institution that they fancy or else that institution of learning may no longer call itself a school.  if it insists on regulating who may attend it must from now on call itself a {money-grubbing-elitist-club-that-isn't-for-people-who-can't-pay-an-extortion-fee-to-attend-place.}

Our own market place will become saturated with food, goods and equipment and we shall use the surplus to trade outside our borders and therefore enrich our trading partners or allies.  Due to our astounding ability to produce a surplus which we seem to have forgotten...we can and someday will be the guiding light of humanity that we all were raised to believe we were. 
And since our population of willing and delightfully educated individuals may learn at any rate they choose...the genius will stand out where as now...people are propped up as geniuses that are actually dolts.

The will ...the sheer audacity to produce a surplus...that far outstretches our current needs is something that we do not posses currently.  We have the knowledge, the technology, the resources of an entire planet  and the infinite energy of the sun...just what the hell is holding us back again?
OH YES...we hired all our labor out overseas....um that is actually the dumbest thing I have ever heard of...unless of course its to enrich people who don't live here...aren't we supposed to work? Shouldn't a person be able to do as they please? A population of this size should have limitless employment opportunities..and yet somehow...magically the "unemployment" rate stays the same between 6-9% roughly...
The fuck does that even mean??
How does that hold true when an entire city can just lose its manufacturing sector in just a few years and have thousands upon thousands of people out of work...and the "unemployment" rate never fluctuates?
That term is bullshit.
that number is bullshit.
Every job sucks right now anyway.
And these hours...wtf is that? Who said that you have to wake up when the sun comes up? Since when does it matter if the work gets done during the daylight or at night?