What would be enough for me to stop complaining...
An end to wages and debt enslavement.
An end to Economic Tyranny and a new era of opportunity and enlightenment.
An end to a corrupt and self serving prison system that rehabilitates no one.
The end to the hypocrisy of the powerful and a return to justice and fairness as the foundations of our society.
An end to celebrity worship and the psychological handicapping of the youth through media and marketing strategies that are specifically designed to warp perception of reality.
An end to multi billion dollar companies that strangle the populations they feed off of.
An end to being ignored...or worse...told to go get a job at (insert major retail chain logo here)....they hire people like you all the time.
You could be a manager!
You could be a maniac!
You could be a maintenance professional.
You could join the military or become a cop
You could join the circus and manage the peanuts sold in the stands.
You could work at the bar and listen to all your favorite bands.
Mainly I want you all to fucking all stop talking down to me and listen closely
I don't want to work in your mall.
I don't respect the rules here because they aren't fair to everyone.
The whole thing is a big rip-off scam.
I've been robbed of my childhood and i want it back.