The weight of the entire system is thrust upon each new individual when they come of age in this country, and for some it happens earlier. Families no longer stick together...they break apart. Individuals are judged by bankers and loan officers and admissions personnel. The police treat every one as a criminal because the absurd laws require it to be this way.  Our quest for independence has been foiled. Our evolution has halted and we have been on the backslide for several decades regardless of the cheap material goods we produce. Eating cereal...or the fact of being able to eat at all is not sufficient justification for the larger drawbacks of the system.  You are no one without money and even less with no job, and they aren't going to give you anything for free. They look down on you for being poor and it makes them feel better about themselves...you are proof of their inherent superiority.  The whole world is screaming FUCK YOU in their heads, but what comes out is meek and mild yes sirs and thank yous.  Someday there is going to be a break from all of this. A new society will begin. one that values human life once again. We are stuck in the swamp and no one wants to help us get out, because getting us out means that they don't have anyone to look down on anymore.
We are expected to take this shit forever.
Never to rise up.
Never to resist.
Always to cower under the threat of prison or the gun.
I do not fear death.
Not even for my little son.
I don't like it here, because i cannot be a farmer here.
I cannot be independent here.
I cannot be a man.
I must be a drone.

But i ducked out.dropped out. quit.

"I won't listen"
"you're making us... fucking hostile"