It would seem as though the entire world is distracted by one thing or another. If the purpose of life is to attain enlightenment and live in harmony with your environment and your fellow man...it is easy to see that a great majority have fallen off the path. It is an individual problem, and I cannot tell you how to live. 

Life has become entirely disharmonious and chaotic. We are all living paycheck to paycheck...especially when we are unemployed, which only means that we aren't being used as cheap labor by some company that needs to prove that it actually hires people.

Corporations don't even need people any more. Their entire process has been automated and refined to the point where any new innovation is just a nuisance...and taking care of people is laughable to most of them.

We are all responsible for this world...even though the majority of humans have no power...their power is in their sheer numbers...

it will take a lot more than just marching in the street and raising awareness to change what has happened to the human race...
we are slaves...waiting patiently for our turn to eat.  
We live in a distopia.
The whole earth is a battleground.
and some have the audacity to insist on peaceful means for change.
This is noble, and laudable, but ultimately unrealistic.