After world war two there was a great reorganizing in America. What was largely a homogeneous culture became fragmented and within 20 years of the end of war...there was a breaking point. One culture asserted control over the other cultures within the supposedly free society.

We all grew up being taught how much "more free" this country is than other countries.
This is patently...blatantly bullshit.
Every decade since the second world war has marked an increase in every facet of social decay and along with it a certain unavoidable amount of human suffering...who knows how different it could have been if the government hadn't become fascist. Regrettably, we will never know.
What we do know is how they treated the hippies and the anti-war movement.
All in the name of protecting a country that was created to protect the rights of the very people they were now violating the State persecuted the youth for drugs,subversion, lewd behavior and their general sense of anarchism. Any attempt to shut down the war-state was met with...well just look what happened to JFK.

What we have to look forward to now in this new millennium, this new and profound century we have all embarked upon together will be full of betrayal, deceit, viciousness and vengeance on the part of the government...an entity not unlike an abusive parent, who instead of feeling guilt at what they have done in the past...continues to blame the people for their plight.  And punishes as if they had an eternity to figure out what to do with the world.


The gargantuan size and scope of the enemy is astounding.
It is by far the largest, most powerful and brutal entity on the planet to date.
It has satellites in orbit that provide an exclusive camera view of the earth that is not accessible to the population, but instead will be ever used against them.
Under the guise of "protection" the police-state has sapped the very essence of life out of the people.
They are afraid, and they should be.  This isn't going to end well.
An end to this means death.
And we don't want that just yet.
We all desire for the human race to continue on.
but in what condition?
under what circumstances shall we be allowed to procreate and live on this planet?