Among a population that has by far preferred partying over preparing for their future... one of the partakers wakes up and asks everyone what we are celebrating...i just don't know how happy and joyous you can be after 100 times getting drunk. you become sick after only a few days of it. Alcohol is a powerful force in the national identity of any country. It is expected that you drink...
it isn't at all surprising that functional alcoholics are living stagnantly. Casual drinking has been the dominant social activity for adults for several thousand years.
Sex. Drugs. Music. Entertainment.
We cannot tolerate poverty or the  conditions that bring it about.
ignorance is entirely a matter of perspective
there is no such thing as smart or stupid
intelligence is a personal issue
those who claim to know about the universe explain using such cheap and flat terminology that fails to entail the delicate details of the frail nature of life.
i'm with my main man Neil D T on a great majority of topics.
that which is unknown to all of us keeps me seeking deeper still
into the darkness with all of you...quickly....if god is coming you will want to hide.