Your enemies are watching you.
be prepared to defend your self against any aggressor.
be willing to triumph at the expense of your attacker.
all our lives we wait to die.
all of my days are enjoyed without prayer.
i do not pray.
prayer is for the weak of will
the individual will to action is all that ever mattered.
why would you expect your enemy to fight fair?
what do you hope to accomplish by becoming a mart-er

here stands a state of ruin
300 million people crammed in a corporate shopping experience that is not only poorly run but improperly policed....it is unsafe.
no one is safe where i am from
noise ethos
no one is safe ever-each to his own self

never reveal your true self to anyone but a lover-or an attacker
it is love that enables hate
true hatred is born of a love that no one else knows but the person who is experiencing it.
the hatred comes when beauty is shattered
when dreams become dust.

who is Cornelius Rupert?