the philosophy of death

all of life's attempts to flower and bloom in the light of the sun are doomed to a fate of death and decay.
Each organism is uniquely destined for obliteration.
it matters not if there is such a things re-birth or re-incarnation
for even these entities will be consumed and dissipated by the cosmos.
we are but ghosts wandering the sands of time
we have no leaders
for no one alive knows the way
our paradise is lost as we are lost.
our garden falls to RUIN
as the gargoyles that were once men feast on our land 
there is terrible truth that has yet to be revealed
beware the ones who claim to know it

I am not a slave.

I am sovereign.

Self governance is the only governance

Self control is the ultimate goal and the only way to true knowledge.
(how do you know what is true if you cannot control your own mind?)
I will hear no one speak to me as my superior...but only as an equal.