10,000 recruits wanted.
the creeping death is awakening.
kneel before no one.
in death we shall laugh with joy
liberty and justice for all...
and a pure solution to the problems of today.
we will not stand and be mowed down.
or crowd about ourselves like cattle and display our thoughts.
you will never know who we are.

"may your enemy never see your blade...until it is in his eye."
                     (the first toast of the last revolution)

anonymity is precious and those who wish to know your identity only wish to control you in some way. resist them with all your might. think for yourself and develop a plan of action. 
execute your plan when you are certain of these three aspects:
1 noncombatants (innocent sheeple) will not be harmed
2 severe and irreparable damage to the enemy is assured
3 you survive the ordeal

there are so many fields of battle...one should not only think in terms of munitions and property...but also of the infosphere..which is a kind of universe unto itself...so...lets not be too hasty to destroy or kill. 

 [some wholesome entertainment with individual liberty triumphing over the bureaucracy or something where the police lose a city to a riot. and then the national guard cant do anything either cuz they're scared shitless to shoot at their own countrymen...you get the idea.]  

do everything alone. 
no one can be trusted. not even me...because I do not trust you...and if we don't trust each other...then eventually we are going to have conflict. and conflict...well that is often decided by force...and i'm not going to be forced into anything i disagree with. 
stop fucking around and get to the point..yes I know.
start with the evil ones...you know them when you meet them.  they must learn that you...and others like you are not prey. they must learn that we cannot be fooled by money or status or power.
most of them strut around the cities like they own the joint...and they do I suppose...they're just in a club that you can't be in...ever.
fuck a club.
fuck brotherhood.
fuck misery loves company
I stand alone...and if you want to parlay with me bring something to the table {for fuck sake}...and prove that you also stand alone. I'm not sure what you'll do to prove that...but i figure a written statement followed by a discussion would be a good place to start.

Houston, Texas
if the law aint fair then fuck the law.
and don't you forget where yer purdy feet are planted.

if you see the pic below...that means leave well enough alone.
fuck with one of us...and there will be 10,000 of us looking for you.

don't forget to believe in me because you are the one who wants to be free and though i can show you the way to not working for anyone anymore and not hoping to put others through some type of shame.  I can satisfy my base desire. Bass D Sire. BAYZ DEE SI YA ---you know what i am saying is true...if it appeals to you and your effervescent sensibilities please call our hotline:
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E XXX T R A V A GANJA.........................................
for you semiotics majors:
(porn) [extra vagina) extravaganza! billions of people watch porn...millions of people are looking at it right now.
right now i'm not...but that's not the point.
(exxon) ie. big oil [monopolies] {selectively aggressive capitalism with an entirely ethical excuse that allows for much pain and misery to be wrought upon the earth
(Travolta) (traditional Hollywood mascot of masculinity but in fact is effeminate is nearly every conceivable way that a man can be feminine)
ie. Hollywood attempts to portray hyper masculine... unreachable resolute and steadfastness..these statues are hollow and crumble under the slightest scrutiny.(ex. lunacy) {yallz all crazy}
its legalization from conception to adolescence
it won't be long until we're all just sick and tired of the stereo type of the lazy good for nothing pot head. i put in hours. I expect to be paid...
if I love you i do it for free.
all family...all good.
why not just decriminalize and be done with the crime lord syndicate nonsense.
they're just fucking plants man...aint worth dying over....
but hey who am i to say. no body ever asks what i think unless they are about to tune me out.
i'm a ghost in my own society.
I speak money.