Linguistic brain surgery.

M   Y   O   P   T   I   C   :  B I O P I C  : Linguistic Brain Surgery.
e s t a b l i s h   d  o  m  i  n  a  n  c  e  
what people attempt to do all the time.
They test you to see if you will take their shit.
Then they jump all over you.
I am not lying about the things I say...
It is my will to test the [b o u n d a r i e s  o f  l a n g u a g e ]
I am cretin
I care not.
My truest nature is the curiosity and wonder at being alive.
My second nature is the seeking of pleasure and sustenance.
My third nature is desire to know
My fourth nature is the desire to continue being
My fifth nature is my separation from my own kind
My sixth nature is the desire to return
My seventh nature is to ponder death
My Eighth nature is to lament.
My ninth nature is to laugh.
My tenth nature is to speak.

1 2 g U L T R A H O R R R O R!
1 2 G U H
---hug twenty one...you're gonna have some fun
if this is all a game then we have only just begun
each day is a fresh test of messaging  the questioning of the message
and attempting to mesh all the fresh things that each morning brings and it stings when it hits you. being violent is vile man just see where it gets you.
put your guns away.
you don't need em yet.
lets talk some more
and see what more we can get.


coming at things from the whole space angle
new strategies are required
there are sons and daughters to be sired
modern life leaves more to be desired
I'm fucking done trying to get hired and you know damn well I'll quit before i get fired.
When I see how you people treat each other it fills me with the ire and lights a fire inside my tired mind.
makes me want to jump out of my seat
and head into the street
and see if i can't help out a person that i meet
but there's so much temptation for criminalize-ation
the civilization is based on hollow foundations
people are experiencing false realizations
it all spells trouble
don't want to burst your bubble
wish i could see from outerspace
out there past the hubble
telescope...the new pope is talking about the poor and such
I normally don't pay attention to it that much but i look at the shape of things trying not be an ape in age where you you have to wager your life to rise above the strife. Talk to me yall. Tell me all about life.
man im just trying not to end up in a tangled wreck
tangled wreck tangle rectangle.
[[[[]]]] [[[]]] [[]]] [[ ]] [ ] ]]] [[ ]]   ]] ] ] [[ ]] [ ] ] ]] [[ ] ]] [ ] [ ]]]]]]]]
a miopic biopic  [my optics]