tired of fuckin around with all you squares and haters and general numbnutz numbskulls...scumbuckets...people of religious affiliation...i have a message for you:
MY Religious Freedom does not seem to be as important as yours.
MY Religious Freedom is vastly different from yours
My Religion = NO Religion = Make it up as you go
You fuckin twits
I'm sick of all of you and your fucking gibberish about salvation after death.
I'm not going to take your word for it.
start making sense...or shut the fuck up!
I've had more than I can stand.
Atheism is too good for you assholes
The pleasure of the warm blanket of skepticism
seeing you all lie through your teeth...your bright white shining teeth
there is certainly no higher power than that of man to lie.
what we don't know...
may in fact be our total defeat.
You are all hereby warned.
You have all been made aware!
I do not believe in any GOD.
I have no master.
Each modified to my personal taste.
it is my sovereign right as a being of the universe to do so.
I wish no person to be held against their will.
I will not be held.
I mean no one any harm.
Worship whomever or whatever you please
...just don't fuck with me and mine.

Ascetic-  durability and elegance are one in the same
Atheist-   I do not believe that any god exists in any sense except within the        imaginations of mankind, which have proven to be quite powerful. 
Anarchist-  I do not believe that any individual, government or organization has any authority over me or my family in any capacity, due to the fact that I have no intention whatsoever to do any harm to anyone at any point in my life if it is not in defense of my life, liberty or that of my family.



This is not a discussion we will just have once.

We will be having this discussion the entire time that we exist.
There are no final answers in my point of view.
I have not seen the end of the universe, so for the moment, I do not consider it relevant.
Fuck cowards.
The only freedom is for outlaws.
The only outlaws who are free are ones who can control themselves.
We are not a violent people.
But we do not like to be angered overmuch...
or punished...
we resent these things as new beings on this planet.
you should reconsider your methodology...
never try to punish one of us again.
We are not yours to punish.
We would never harm out of spite.
We know what is right. And we live it every day.
We are the ones you cannot imprison.
We are the ones you cannot control.
I and any who see it my way.

{Imagine the teeming millions....}