I'm a joke
do you get it
if not don't worry man you don't have to sweat it
you think i'm not?...care to wager? go ahead and bet it
let me tell you about my aimz
i might be a joke but this sure aint no game
i aint after your girl
aint gonna fuck yor kidz
aint trying to take yor ride
and i aint gonna smoke yer lidz
i aint gonna shoot ya
i aint gonna stab ya
i might take you aside and smoke a joint but i promise i won't grab ya
i just want to gab about the world and such
have you h3rd this gre4t mus1c?
ever listen to that band clutch?
man its great to be free of all the hate
to loosen up from watchin the news in the great united states
this songs so nice i used the word great twice
i should be in vegas throwing them red dice
men and women should be givin each other love
so here's some advice
the next time you get offended
because your feelings were hurt
maybe you should stop being a baby
all the time yall on red alert
i cared but you were scared
you don't have to dread it
just share it on the internet and tell em where you read it
i'm a joke... you get it?