Here's a tip just a little blip
on self defense
you'll wanna be prepared should some chaos commence
so first find a house or a building
don't worry about its decor
but you don't want to live around junkies and whores
so after you get your house
you build tall a fence
the fence should be about 7 feet high
to prevent people from bein back yard spies
and its your choice to electrify it or cover it in barbed wire
you wanna be able to make and put out fires
you wanna be able to escape without them knowin which way you went
you wanna do it on the cheap and keep track of what you spent
i don't mean for you to become mean
that isn't what i meant
I just want people to be prepared for whatever is sent their way
the fence is supposed to keep people out
but it might be destroyed if it comes to a real bout
so don't pout or cry or wallow in doubt
its gettin down to the nitty gritty of what life is all about
it's about physical aggression
they're doin it to every one
ever see a cop in the states without a fuckin gun?
they use em all the time and even though its grimy
the only way they get you is if you have some real bad timing
see you can avoid them and still be paranoid
but you can't be lyin and cheatin and stealin without gettin destroyed
to be continued...