listen here

im from texas but that dont mean shit no more cuz theres plenty o clowns from here.
im from houston but that dont mean shit any how cuz i aint no oil mans son
i aint famous but i'd like to be rich cuz i dont like it down in the street
where its hot in the summer and cold in the winter and its hard to get a good nights sleep
fuck it id do almost anything to get the fuck outta texas.
take my brood and move on away
but two thousand bucks wont even buy you a truck that will last more than a few hundred days.
i spose i shoulda stayed in school and get turned out proper...pimped into the work force by an antiquated degree mill that does little more than steal from its students.
i shoulda
i shoulda tried to keep my jobs that i quit
i shoulda kissed some ass
cheated on tests.
faked my interest in things i despised
because fuck man...your security is worth it.
go on and give it up
your freedom dont mean shit any way
all you gonna do is watch all the new films just as soon as they come out
be sure...absolutely sure that you pay the full and total retail price...plus tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!