you think I got enough stuff
enough aint enough
I gotta keep on gettin because life is rough
You don't get by in this country without being tough

LOOK HERE Ya fuckin queer let me put this in your ear
We aint the kind of people to be livin in fear
Listen buddy boy and let me know if you can hear
Live long enough and everything becomes clear
WE got stuff
I got 130 watches
200 different chains
a sack full of ice
and some sapphire rings
weed and books
we got so much shit you'd think we was crooks
but we aint stealin
just wheelin and dealin
going through life just hooked on a feelin
Dont talk to no cops so no body be squealin
We don't want to live that way
thats why we have a carnival every day
this america jack
this is america Jackson $20
this here is what-the-fuckville!
A massacre a traffiker a fuckin oil spill
lies deception and plenty of cops
ever wonder why the party never stops
IF we get too rowdy they will probably drop bombs
break into your house and stick their guns in your face
you lookin for sanctuary but their aint such a place
feelin weird? growin a beard so they can't recognize your face?
man if it were up to me i'd be livin in outer space

got me a truck
it was given to me by family
worth about 2000 bucks
i'm thankful
i'm grateful
but you gotta understand
my entire generation has been banned from owning land
its just not accessible like it used to be
fuck man i thought this was the land of the free
but it aint and i caint get my head around it
do they really expect us all to leave it the way we found it?

I'm so tired of being wired an paranoid
been up so many nights watching ENTER THE VOID
disgusted with law and the methods of enforcement
must have been what the "dark side" of the force meant
I'm sick to my stomach of all these clowns
greedy pigs in uniforms and suits keepin the common people down
and puttin you in jail for next to nothin
so i sit here in the clear and i'm gonna keep puffin on this joint/blunt/bowl
thinking about my soul
you can't buy something that aint for sale
Do you thin we r gonna quit just because we failed?
You cant run us off by calling us geeks and nerds
we are here and we are staying whether yall like it or not
the secret to keep from getting locked up is...