Allow me to define a few terms and establish some parameters.
Anarchism: A political philosophy that doesn't place anyone above anyone else. 
Power: The ability to successfully influence human behavior.
Money: A tertiary unit of artificial value used to manipulate human beings.
Capitalism: A magic word used to justify the manipulation of human beings using money.
Advertising: A system of deception that is openly deceptive but is necessary for capitalism to function due to its hypnotic effect on weak minded humans.
Politics: A framework through which philosophies that are in-congruent with capitalism{et all} are systematically defamed, humiliated, and rendered incoherent by the establishment. 
Media: A hierarchical corporate structure that encircles the political sphere connecting advertising, capitalism and politics together and uses attractive and or believable humans as mouthpieces and spokespeople for ideas, products and corporations.
Corporation: A myopic and outdated institutional framework in which there is a hierarchy that one may ascend only according to rules of obedience and profit.  (stocks are used to siphon money from the public in order to bolster a company's bank roll)

This is only the beginning. My head is fucking spinning. Sometimes you're a loser when all along you thought you were winning. What was considered virtuous is now considered sinning...

It is not enough to call a liar a liar or a cheater a cheater.  The rules don't apply to everyone.  The law only exists to tame the masses and strip bare anyone who has profited from society's structure in a manner not approved by the upper crust.  They think of us only as stupid monkeys...not people...not even human.  Be mindful of this as the manager interviewing you for a job ponders how he/she might be able to manipulate you in the future.  They are going to use you and throw you away when they are done.  You are not special at all.  And you don't deserve to even have a job...much less one as good as they have.  People are jealous and cruel. Mindlessly so.  Their first reaction is often hatred disguised as personal interest in you.  Be wary of vipers and jackals.  They are everywhere.  

I am so impossibly tired of it all that I am physically exhausted by the time i finish skimming the news each day.  The machine is really moving along now.  They are able to fabricate any story and none of us will ever be in the position to prove the farce...and we are all so lowly that no one will listen anyway.  I get it. Play the game. Go along to get along.  Keep your head down.  Don't complain. Work hard.  Pay your bills. 

Don't worry about inflation, war, atrocity, fraud, abusive authority, corruption, graft, espionage, murder, deceit, misery or death...unless of course you are doing so in a manner that is approved by those committing these crimes... 

As long as you keep working like a slave to buy things that should be free to all people...

As long as you keep repeating what the TV/MOVIES tell you.

Next Year you might be able to put a down payment on a house...