The Real Culture is being Suppressed by Square culture


We are all in hiding now.  All concerned about how to go about speaking our minds about the trouble we are in without getting into more.  There seems a looming threat behind every news cast...we naturally make inferences about the world based on what we see on the television and on the internet...but these inferences are tricky and our conclusions are not always correct.  In the real world things don't play out like in fiction...almost always there is a compounded selfishness added to the mix that makes matters worse...The real world applies constant pressure that does not relent.  It is day in day out money.  It is never ending expanding and rotting and regrowing.  The real culture is that which is being preyed upon by the mechanisms of advertising and marketing.  Our minds have been shaped and will continue to be shaped by the rules and the images of all these campaigns...each a little war in the mind.  I do not know the end result.  I can only say that I see a culture beneath the sub culture.  Religious freedom for atheists isn't possible in this world. As it stands we are judged most harshly by those who use morality as a weapon.  Apparently they believe that good requires GOD. Clearly this is untrue.
The real culture is barely aware of itself.  It has only begun to unravel the idiocy and madness.  The war like hostility in the world is numbing us all to violence and the screen seems to be filled with injustices of every kind...sometimes new and fresh evils seem to sprout forth like water from a mountain stream.  This is the world I see:
(the universe cannot be explained)
(logic is not infallible)
Splendor alongside atrocity...coexisting in the same instant...
Hell and heaven are here on earth and when we die we are gone forever
Rule Following
Rule Breaking
Rule Making
They try to appeal to your logic
But there is a disconnect...