the platform:
Freedom from monetary tyranny.
Freedom from unjust taxation and unfair practices.
Freedom from corrupt courts and private prisons.
Freedom from abusive and ignorant law enforcement.
Freedom from racial and religious persecution that is institutional in nature.
Freedom from slow, turgid and pointlessly rigid bureaucracy that refuses to help people but rather relegates them to the lowest possible social status.
Freedom from stupidity!
We are in a desperate situation and the only thing that keeps us from realizing it all at once is boxed food and entertainment. Our options have been taken away. We are all supposed to sacrifice our lives for the greater good of our "masters"...and anyone not doing so is ridiculed by the rest of society as lazy.
THEY STEAL. Stealing has become the NORM for corporations...because nobody is in any position to wrangle them. They want the system to go on this way forever and they don't care what happens to people as long as there's still people to manipulate.
Borrowing from them is only a promise to be robbed of any prosperity you might ever make for yourself.
The tax system is extra-legal and enforced by GOONS. Nothing makes any sense in America Today.
Only vague language and empty promises. People like myself are left with no options and we are ridiculed when we are not ignored...but they ignore us for the most part.  I am sick of it all.
I want to aid society, but I can't even manage to provide for my own family. What do you people want from me? I'm not goin back to college to get a fucking degree. I went to college already and they were too slow for me.  The internet is everything and it's more real than the real world.
I said it before and I'll say it again: THIS CULTURE IS FUCKED!
Drastically fucked!  Writing on here is my only hope for catharsis. I'm not stupid. I'm not a terrorist. I don't want to hurt anyone. This  shit is all wrong and we have to progress. We have to stop punishing and start nurturing and learning again. We are falling. Failing. Fragmenting. We are not united.
Something horrible is going to happen again soon. I'll be watching it all from my little prison here in texas.
Today is one of the BAD ONES. Things are not getting better. I've never felt so dejected and ignored in all my life and I am in my prime. Aware awake capable and quick...but none of that matters if I'm not going to sell my soul...which I won't. I am the dangerous one because I won't give it up. Hurting me is impossible. Controlling me is impossible. I've already been banished...what more do you want? I wont be put on a cross.
I'm not a martyr. I have no cause beyond freedom. I only wish to be accorded my natural rights as a man.
I wish for my country and my home state to recognize me as such. I am sovereign and I answer to no one!