nothing nice.

There aint nothin nice about you people. You're vipers and you were born that way. Jesus himself would go hungry in America. He'd be wandering the streets after being thrown out of churches for warning them about their blasphemy.
What if Jesus was the devil in disguise?

The devil makes a bet with god. Mankind is evil and I can prove it, He says.
God says ok smart guy..what's your plan.
The devil says I'll go to earth as a man and tell them all about you and your kingdom. I will be as a lamb among them. I will be the embodiment of love and tenderness. And I bet you that they will kill me in the worst way. If I win...mankind belongs to me...if I live to see 40 years without being killed, I will renounce my war on heaven and re-enter your service once again.
God thinks to himself: you never left, and says aloud: but you've got a bet anyhow...have fun on the cross...it totally sucks.
And so it was that the devil made a bet with god almighty and came to earth as the lamb of god.
he is the truth the light and the way.