making masks

a note on internet anonymity
masks are fun and different names and characters can be very interesting social experiments. +CULTURESICK  is just such an experiment to see if I can transform all of this negative energy I get from the outside world into something positive over the internet.  It is an excruciatingly slow process as I believe people capable of enlightenment and progress, but the evidence is not really in favor of this belief. I haven't given up yet. I haven't hurt anyone and I never intend to, but i feel it necessary to always be on guard...especially after witnessing the behavior of government and law enforcement these last two decades.  this dichotomy is often referred to as cognitive dissonance...the holding of two truths that are contradictory...which leads me to another truth...that there is no truth essentially.  What we are  embroiled in is such a massive clusterfuck of information, motive, manipulation and crime that we couldn't possibly hope to bring justice to all those responsible...we were lied to by everyone about everything and they still won't shut the fuck up about FOOTBALL. Absurdity has become normal and normal absurd.  The culture is deteriorating on a massive scale, yet in certain areas we are making huge advances...it is perplexing at least...and i do not think that it can be quantified, though google may argue with me there.