take your mask off...you want to die a coward?
are you scared of these motherfuckers?
I'm poor and I don''t give a fuck!  They won't hire me so they can't fire me. I went to college! that don't mean anything and it never did!
I knew enough to get out while i could and live a real life!

Be who you really are on the internet and make the world a more honest place. The year of the snake is over! it's now the year of the HORSE! or as i like to say #yearoftheunicorn! Don't be intimidated by anyone. Say your piece and try to find others like yourself. Anyone who want's to restrict the freedom of individuals is my enemy and i'm not afraid of you. I've grown up restricted and punished and now I'm grown and you can't hide from me...I can see you from across the earth. You don't want us to be free and that's too bad. yea we were born into this fucked up situation but we are going to get out of it...
I'm a SOVEREIGN SON of TEXAS and I don't need your LAW.
My family and I are free people and we will always be free people.
Don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you. There that's fine. But if you do fuck with me you better be damn sure I'll be fuckin with you...
-rough quote from trailer park boys-
you get the point? don't be afraid of these morons. BE STRONG! BE PROUD! BE WHO YOU ARE! The longer you hide the more their influence creeps over the whole population...you can see em...dead ass shuffling zombies...I'm sick of it. +CULTURESICK
hey did you know you can create new profiles and create characters to speak under if you are truly afraid to be yourself or speak your mind openly and without shame. mine is +KREET-n
I am who I say I am! hahha
I'm a free and natural man and I'm against the police state and the prison system.  I will hold truce and parlay with anyone capable of speaking my language who does not mean me harm...but beware...for if you mean me harm or wish to imprison me for my beliefs...I will be your undoing and your doom. I say this with all my heart...
I love life, humanity and freedom! I cannot stand to see another year go by without a real attempt to stop TOTALITARIAN RULE!
you can't fake a love for freedom...we always know who's lying to us.
#anonymous #takeyourmaskoff #berealnotfake #beyourselfalways #revolution #fuckpolitics