does it make you sick to be where you are? Are you sure you actually have cancer or is your brain trying to kill your body because you hate yourself? What do you believe goodness is?
Does it even exist? Is there any hope for humanity? Are we doomed? Pop culture is a shit stain on history...skidmarks on the underwear of our subconscious mind...from corporate assholes who don't have long left on earth...
the jig is up...can't hide anymore.
it wont be long before they bring back throwing rotten vegetables.
you won't see me there.
in this future of yours...
where the rich are richer than rich.
gotta fix that money man...
I don't want to play.
I am not protesting.
I'll be waiting for the first one you send my way...{nice to meet you}
Bill Gates says he wants to sterilize africans.
They're putting metal in the sky.
They want us to die...
but be sure you go shopping first.
and spend that fucking money you love so much...
you lunatic clowns can't see shit.
you're out of ideas.
the universe isn't talking to you anymore.
the voice of god has gone silent.
it will be harder and harder to lie to yourself.
every god damn word out of you fucks seems to be a lie.
In this new world...we shall see how well you fare....
there is no place left to hide.