Beyonce Blows.

Just because you have an interest in reading or watching something doesn't mean you will like it. Have you ever heard of research? You know...paying attention to your surroundings? Seeing what the fuck is going on in the world? Here's what's happening in the world.  Beyonce released her secret album. Yay!

The self-proclaimed queen is 40...32 years old now and is apparently having a mid life crisis. There are new "artists", ( whatever the fuck artist means at this point) , who are receiving attention that Beyonce apparently feels she deserves. In the end it doesn't matter because all mainstream music is dead and over. I watched her new video "Blow" or "Bleh" and from the looks of it she's jumping on that sex train a bit late. Were you feeling the pressure brought on by yet another thieving pop star by the name of  Miley Cyrus' who's success was brought on by twerking, seductively licking sledge hammers and riding a wrecking ball naked?  Yeah...I guess I can see how that would be nerve wracking. :/  "Blow" screams of desperation with all the over the top choreography, her bump and grind moves on top of a vintage Ferrari and the blatant sexual overtones as she repeats over and over "Turn the cherry out".  Not only that but it appears as if no one is having any real fun even though there's a 60's/70's/80's/90's themed roller skating party covered in dayglo art going on. Rather they look like they're at work and it's been a long, hard day. It all just seems senseless, painfully forced and completely irrelevant.  More importantly, Beyonce's behavior is extremely bitchy and mean spirited.  It's saddening to see how this diva's persona is transforming in to this false representation of what a strong women should look like and how they should act.  This video indicates that women should behave like cunts and feel above everyone, especially men. Her actions represent the deep inequality among men and women and according to her, that's perfectly fine.  She's an independent woman after all.  At least that is what I perceived from the way she rudely blows off a dude trying to raise her attention in the beginning of the video. Sorry guys.  She's much, much better than you.  This video is anything but amazing...

What is amazing is that her tactic in releasing this piece of shit is made to seem as though she, after 15 loooong years, is still original and edgy, and that much credit is owed to her because of the precious time, thought and energy that was put in to this one-of-a-kind project.  How does an artist keep their projects a secret you ask? Uh...Simple. You don't say anything. Now someone please explain to me what in the fuck is so goddamn amazing about that? HuH??? Anyone? Hello? I'll tell you. Nothing. Nothing is amazing about some egomaniac selling you stolen lifestyles and ideas from the public and selling it back to you as a some special gift filled with thoughtless lyrics, dumb choreography and heavy red lip gloss. It's criminal and fraudulent.   MTV created the music video, remember?  Just because you release a handful of recycled songs and fake psychedelic videos at the same time, doesn't mean you've made some sort of history here or that you deserve a round of applause for your stolen goods.  The nerve of this bitch.

Dear Beyonce, I know its important for you to be seen as a sex symbol and revered as a goddess. And I know you want us to believe that it is you who was the first woman to discover sex and partying, which "Blow" seems to be suggesting. I hate to break it to you, but you're late. Way way late. Other people have had sex and definitely have been involved in some heavy partying that would make your sexy roller skating shindig look like a funeral.  But nice try. You suck..wait... I mean, blow.

People that are offended by what I'm saying should take a deeper look in to what you think you see here. She makes you feel like you and her are the same and that you can relate to many things about her and she's your home girl.   But she isn't. She is a liar and a thief. And a loud one at that. No, you say? She admits to "innocently fibbing" about this whole project to the press. Not that I'm sticking up for the media at all, because they're all in this show together.  But it seems that it is okay to lie now even if it's innocent. :/  Maybe she's only referring to herself.  :/ It's okay if she lies. :/ It doesn't hurt anyone. :/  All is forgiven because she's so goddamn amazing. :/ Yeah. Right. I wonder what else she's been lying about. The things that make you go hmmmmmm. 

Thanks Beyonce for another thoughtless, confusing and rather lazy ass attempt at creating..."art".
You did it!!!!!  Oh wait...I mean the people you paid to do it for you did it.