disinterested desegregation the denomination of the dominion how are you ever gonna understand my opinion when you're lost in space...afraid to show your face...the whole human race is becoming a disgrace so face it..
we lost...don't matter the cost...got too many chiefs man every body want to be the boss of me and tell me what to write and think and draw..it done stuck in my craw...don't need to watch it bleed but i gotta at least watch it fall. From up high the word came to create this lame game but you were playing the blame game and didn't notice what fame is used for...
these people are ritualistically abusing the losers of the world. We are all the butt of the rich man's joke. Get my hands around his neck and he just might choke out and die lets see if he can fly...
out the window over the edge and onto the street below.
look out! Good bye! hope to see you at the next show!