AEGER EST (sick of it) {a work of fiction}

AEGER EST (sick of it) {a work of fiction} 
by nathaniel engelland klarer

i dont think i like any of you fuckin rich people
you ignore me
i'm just a poor, honest, idiot, but i deserve to be heard.
my ideas are as important as any ivy league graduate..perhaps more so depending on your perspective.
the resentment is building and the longer i go without earning money i start to fantasize about killing some of you...bankers mostly, but regular rich folk too. you might think this is some kind of psychotic rant, but i'm just being honest.no one is going to miss you very much.you're uninteresting to the point of vomit.
your wealth is disgusting and your lack of generosity is even more so.if you ever meet me...and i hope you never will in person...stay silent in my presence for i am sure to be angered by even the slightest boasting about your material possessions.  they are but fleeting...meaningless things...just flotsam in the great void we call home, but you are deluded enough to think that they make you better than me...you can hide behind the walls of your gated communities...but not forever.eventually you'll have to meet someone like me...and fear for your very life every time you do.I do not like you.you could even say that i hate you...but that's too simple.i despise you. philosophically...i am ready to rid the world of your kind...
the rich. im good and ready to have a class war.

fuck the whole lot of you. by the time we are ready the cops and soldiers will all be with us.
they don't want to die for your stupid fucking property...there's millions of us in every major city.
grown men with an axe to grind. You've stolen too much. Taken far more than you ever should have and you put it back to us to work harder.. and stand in line.
If we killed a banker a day for 10 years...we would solve all the world's problems and only 3650 of you would have to die.
Looks like we better get started.
See you Monday morning slime ball  8:00AM SHARP!
to be continued: