How bad thing's really are has got all of you scared to death. Scared of death for sure, but yall almost have a heart attack when somebody insults J-Z. What are you gonna do when something really bad happens? Bunch of fucking clowns, the whole lot of you. Fanboys and fame whores!!  You have an entire generation of women shaking their vaginas at the world thinking they are edgy...aint nothin edgy about it. Every woman has a pussy. Yours is not special and it doesn't mean you get money from men..well at least not me. I got nothin for you whores on tumblr and instagram. Yall need to be reading books and talking to one another. everybody wants to fuck you, but nobody loves you... But i'm guilty of it too. I showed my face and i was thinking people would take notice of me and my life would change...
Some of yall are reading, but if you're anything like my mother, you don't like it. My writing makes my own mother sick to her stomach...she told me this on monday.
Either I'm doing something really right or horribly wrong.
Since I feel good I'll go ahead and say RIGHT!
This culture could use some thrashing.
The rich look more and more ridiculous as the poor look worse and worse.
Nothing wonderful is happening for the people, it's all for money, and what use is it to have money if you just have to spend it.
A while back I compared America to Chuck-E-Cheese's..
we are having teh fun in this cage!

Clearly you all love this fucking bullshit.
You cannot conceive of a better way of life.
You worship whoever is on TV.
You believe absurd, un-provable things with no basis in actual experience.
You lie to your children, because you were lied to and you placate them with toys and gifts, but you don't know what to do...so you leave it to TV and school.