I'm talking about real positive change right here in the real world. It's going to happen. You can't keep taking peoples homes away from them, denying them sanctuary...eventually things should level off, at least in theory, the human spirit was not meant for this kind of monotony. We must have beauty and wonder to survive. All becomes bleak when the the rules are not followed by those who claim to sanctify those rules. Government transparency is an absolute necessity. It has already been too long without it.  I am soo thankful that I have the opportunity to work as a slave. I am sooo thankful to be accepted as a glorious honored worker.  I am sooooo happy that chrismas is on the way! Holiday cheer hooray! Christmas time is here santa clause and 8 reindeer the remainder surround the manger keeping sweet little baby jesus from danger.
black friday hit the highway
don't want to be out in that shit
quit shopping economy flopping
there just aint no sense in it.