In this new century we have an entirely new set of problems. Back in the 20th century, technology was being introduced to the population in concert with the building of a world market, one that could include all nations and a vast amount of material goods. Indeed it was believed that the 21st century would be full of wondrous progress and scientific achievement that would further uplift the human race...

I don't think you have to be especially smart to notice that this didn't play out exactly as planned.
Instead of ending warfare, we have been entrenched in it in one way or another for almost 100 straight years. The warnings of Eisenhower went unheard and the military/industrial complex grew to gargantuan size and scope.  The country has never "won" a war since world war two, and even then America would not have triumphed alone. We were lucky.

The destabilization of the third world is not an accident since those in power at the time probably didn't want them to develop on their own, we made some slight changes in their destinies as nations.  America has assassinated leaders, infiltrated countless organizations, spread misinformation, armed rebel groups, and has attacked human beings using remote control robot "drones".  All in all, we have become, depending on your perspective either the most powerful military force in history, or the most dastardly group of power mongers ever.  We, America are the evil empire to every country we have ever stepped foot on, and our quiet, complicit population of "hard workers" have become a joke the world over.

We are known as lazy, ignorant, and ultimately powerless to change the goals of our "leaders" who see fit to hire young soldiers, lie to them about terrorism and send them to whatever region of the world needs policing at that moment.  This is the paradigm that needs to change immediately.

No longer do we defend our borders.  no...we are happy to leave those wide the fuck open.

Why is this so?
Is it because the entire idea of nations is dead to those who hold power here? Perhaps.
It is my greatest hope that we will find a way through this mess and live in peace and happiness on the other side of it.  Until then...I think we all need to get used to the idea of living in a war-state, with constant surveillance and distrust on the part of the government towards its own people...who will never be totally compliant and will require imprisonment and re-education in order to fully appreciate all that their "leaders" have done for them.
What better fate for America could there be?