Out here in obscurity, USA. We have a saying: I aint nobody.
It means that I'm not any one important and don't pay any attention to me. Usually this is something you might say to an authority figure of some kind, but seeing as how my belief in any kind of authority has been completely eroded...I now take it to mean something else.
Having someone listen to you is a rare thing these days. there are so many housewife programs to watch.
I'm trying to get your attention.
People are talking about revolution and I can say for sure that without the support of the military...that is a huge mistake. you see...the weak will always side with the most powerful force.
It doesn't matter if you are right and justified.  They will destroy a real attempt at revolution in this country.
What we need is evolution not revolution
We must infiltrate the system at every level and begin to strip away the layers of crusty outdated bureaucracy...this in itself could be a decade long task.  Millions of people will have to be involved, but i figure we could accomplish a total change in governmental protocol within just a couple of years.
The people's freedom is second to none, though so many of the meek are willing to trade it for a little assurance of their safety.
My friends, the world is wild and we are not safe.
No governmental agency can tame the cosmos and render the universe non-hostile.
the universe is hostile indeed.
Here in this country, there are so many liars and cheats it is far past tiresome.
Our liberty is not to be diminished any further, and our sovereignty demands its first true day in the light of our sun.
If you think i'm advocating violence...you're missing the point.
violence is only necessary when all other means have been exhausted and even then...like i said...without the full support of the military and their hardware...we will lose a fight on this soil.
The entire point of the cold war was to avoid open warfare.
We must begin a new cold war.
against our own oppressors who mask themselves as public servants while robbing us blind.
Our future has been sold out.
It is time to take it back.
But feel free not to listen to me...I aint nobody.