Ideas for Anarchy:
Vocalize your discontentment.
Disobey Protocol.
Each of you involved in the IT aspect of your company's daily activities has a unique opportunity...you can fuck shit up! (and get away with it!!!)
This is not meant to cause chaos, but instead to handicap your unethical employer's ability to profit from the labor of the downtrodden masses such as yourself...or perhaps you hold a position of moderate authority in your company...
if this is the case...consider siding with your employees against the anti-humanitarian ways of the corporate structure.
give extra benefits to the lower class workers.
give extra vacation days. extended paid maternity leave. co-sign on an employee's car loan (if you can trust em lol)
Do something great for humanity today.
Some of us are just barely getting by and we are locked out of many opportunities to do these kinds of things for people..but not you dear reader...
You are very special indeed.
Help reverse the spread of greed, corruption and ultimately Authoritarian rule over the human spirit which must be FREE!
good hunting all of you...