I'm not going to lie to you and I haven't thus far.
My whole life I've been trying to avoid what I am doing right now, without really knowing why.  Now I know.
I lived with a fear in my heart.
I feared the public eye and official corruption.
After all...every one who has stepped forward and made a stand for real change has ended up dead. this is the message they teach you in history class.
why do we need this system? what's wrong with wanting to start a new one?
what are we doing here if we aren't going to go all the way? What am i doing here? why do i think these thoughts?

Am i going to end up shot in the head someday?
I can sit here and brood over it all day, as i've done for many days before, but today is different.
things are getting worse even as we speak. the confusion that abounds the world over has spread to every household and is on every smart phone. I have been lied to. Too often. I feel ashamed for not having the strength to stand up for what i believe is right. War. The Police State. Poverty. It all has to end.  Too many families have been deprived of the basic necessities of life that all people deserve. And those we look to for help...they have nothing for us. We are being cornered, pinned down. We are at a disadvantage unheard of in history.  We have no money. No land. And none of us can agree on what even the first step should be to change things. We are already involved in a civil war. Just because the bullets aren't flying doesn't mean it's not happening. Under the threat of prison or the gun...or chemical lobotomy, we are all being made to behave as they wish. Compliant, docile...meek.
I hang my head in shame at what we have become. No longer strong and proud, but loud blusterous fools. Easily angered and filled with misplaced hatred and disgust. We loathe the status quo, but we love it too. (shit man i could go for some chic-fil-a right now)
Our struggles are not finished, and we have our hardest days ahead of us.