While attempting to draw attention to one's self it's important to remember that you are not the only person in the universe. I have lived in some degree of isolation since 2005,and developed solipsistic tendencies that are not easy to break from.  I have a massive amount of respect for all of you out there who are bold enough to pursue your dreams, and hell here we are interacting with each other. DIGITAL MIND TENDRILS.
That aside how is the whole internet thing working out for y'all? hard to make money right? Yea. I know how that is. It is easier for me to write about my opinion on money than it is for me to talk about it in person, mainly due to the fact that people overwhelmingly ASSUME that money is the answer to all their problems. Money isn't important to planet earth or to the universe. It seems to be important for one thing only and that is controlling people's behavior.  Moneeeey. It's a drag.
keep yo hand off of my stack...
yay..pink floyd.

anyway I know we are going to have our differences in opinion, but you gotta know that i have love for all people who are trying to live in peace and harmony with others while having a sense of humor about all this dark shit that seems to cloud our collective consciousness.  I didn't invent pointing out flaws in authoritative systems. Authoritative systems just seem to be really really ...really really flawed, and I spend a lot of time thinking about how things might be better if we did things differently.
I hope y'all stay safe and live to see what happens to the world these next 10-20 years.
Gonna be a wild ride if the last 15 are any indication.
peace love and anarchy!
see y'all in the info-stream.