The desolate path is not known by all, but I have walked it.
To be a stranger to everyone in this society, a pariah in ones own mind.
Incessantly our behavior is tailored. PPP pushed, prodded, punished.
We became adults thinking we deserved something for getting through school.
You don't find out the truth until you get out there and try to work.
only your mama loves you. everyone else just wants a piece of whatever you got.
(and sometimes mama is the one turning you out)
At 18...no one wants to hire you to do anything, and it's understandable. The schools are so adept at lying to students that hardly any 18 year olds are good at anything worth doing.  There are so few exceptions that it is laughable to try to use them to uphold these outdated ways.
College should have been completely digitized back in the 90's if we really meant to progress as a society. Digital=instantaneous (well almost)
The failure of the system is evident in the lack of true joy in the faces of the people. Go out and see for yourself.  The confusion is spreading...and in the original infected zones such as art/literature/music it's rot is deepening. Poverty is the norm, but it's not called poverty: its called the way things are.
People are ready to accept their terrible fates and do not dream of better worlds.  They approach doom, but they still approach. Ever urged forward by the national growth rate. More mouths to feed. The corporations are gleeful, their mastery of the landscape nearly complete.  Their stockholders all insistent on their dividends.  And why not?? they've done their part. Investment in this enterprise should have it's rewards.