An Argument for the Decriminalization of Drugs. aa4dod
Why "they" won't do it. wtwdi
And what the fuck do we do? wtfdwd

The only argument needed is the one that chooses not to recognize the punitive authority as valid.
the good news is...people still use drugs.
the bad news is...porky pig still wants to beat you like a hippy for it.
or maybe he really doesn't want to beat you..but instead just does a good job and relieves you of your property and personal freedom as soon as he finds some drugs...which everyone has...which makes his job pretty straight forward i would say...
it is a shame that they spend so much money on cop tv shows trying to convince everyone about how brave they are...they don't lose too many guys in the line of duty these days...but boy howdy...they are stacking up some civilian bodies with cop bullets in them.
You bet!  Just read the news!\
these motherfuckers are seeing red every day...and their whole job is to steal my weed, my money and take my car away. I mean I have no way to get out of anything if I get pulled over. They don't often approach me in person...I wonder why that is.

Awe hell they're not gonna give up the prison system.
If you let all non violent offenders out of prison and left the killers and rape-os how many would that be?
Probably a manageable number. We might have to close some prisons...which on a civilization level would mean we were making progress...
I'm certain the fact that some prisons are privately owned has nothing to do with the rise of crime oriented pop music and the subsequent militarization of law enforcement...

So what do we do?
1. Avoid cops
2. Avoid prison
those are for sure.
whether you do drugs or just sell them to make money i don't give a damn.
I do not believe that any government has the right to control commerce in such a way.
They have created a system of poverty.
We did not create the system and our votes don't count, because they're not even talking to us.
We are ignored as a matter of course.
They know that we know what they do is wicked...
we shall see if their veil gets lifted...
after all what we really have is time...
smoke some weed...breathe deep.
Wait them out.