In January 2018 The Federal Government of the United States of America initiated a full scale lock down of the population. A nation wide curfew and extreme taxation became the law, and those who disobeyed the law were shot on site. their property confiscated, and all their assets were frozen.  All civil liberties were suspended for a stated period of no less than 2 years.  The people were furious...and many fought tooth and nail against the militarized police.  Ammunition was declared illegal, and though people owned a plethora of weapons, it became increasingly difficult to find.  There was no such shortage on the part of the military and police who were all too happy, giddy even, to take control of their Country once and for all.  No longer were they servants to the constitution, a mere piece of paper, no. They were now conquerors.

Before the end of 2018 there were over a million dead, and it seemed there was no hope for freedom at all.
and then... Texas declared independence.