the general texas boycott of 2018

The GTB2018 program was initiated using a series of self referential posts of a fictionalized version of a self fulfilling prophecy in which the state of Texas as it is now known... decides to not only regain it's once natural sovereignty, but to embark upon the grandest quest imaginable in human history... to envision, plan and construct the worlds first trans-agricultural technological utopia.


the first step in altering reality is realizing the reality you are in.
realizing that you do not know any other reality is not a trick.
this is our one trip.
each of us has never seen this before.
the great majority is marched as a herd.


education after the age of 16 is co-mingled with survival and self defense training. In addition to engineering, science, literature and music.\
the ethical experimentation method must be perfected and a new model of civilization one more fruitful to the individual must be constructed in this universe.
we must be a powerful people to overcome the criticism we will all face.
the world will watch in envy as we harness the knowledge of our entire kind and employ it in such a way that greed becomes but a laughable, childish thing. Envy shall become a thing of sport. Competitions will become honest and hard fought. Our abundance will stagger the foreigner's thoughts....how can they make so much, they will ask themselves...

it matters not what race, color or sex.
all religion must be overthrown...
our sovereignty demands its day
I for one do not want to live as a slave
I will not work under the current terms
I declare myself independently ethical and capable of managing resources.
I seek to find adequate land and housing so as to provide my extended family with adequate if not fine and durable housing, nutritious food, and relative seclusion.
this i declare publicly:
If i am the equal of a land owner under the law...how is it that I am not able to purchase land?
the answer is simple

we do not seek equality...
equality in all things is not desirable.
we desire competition, but we have yet to design a fair system in which to really judge what is best.

i have witnessed so much failure that i have begun to daydream of a fictional utopia in which people earned through the production of goods of true quality and durability. Not to mention a surplus!
the work would be a part of the educational system and it would be constantly self improving..unlike corporations which are self engorging..and then rapidly purge their waste...
the utopian system i envision would have no waste to speak of...as it does not produce "garbage"...
to be continued