the creeping death

the creeping death was never a cult, though people did think of it that way. those who were involved in the first days of the revolt thought of it as a better way to do what was necessary.
to annihilate their enemies.
to win the war.

every day since the first public slaying has been a victory for freedom. The manipulators and watchers of the world have become sullen and frightened. the people have begun to see that true freedom is a way of life and does not require an authority over each of its many aspects. fairness has become paramount over greed.
no one who has ever encountered the creeping death has lived to tell about it. all investigators and attempted infiltrators have been hung by their neck and slit across the abdomen and left to rot in the street.

the first casualty of the true class war was a CEO of a very large corporation that had become a public nuisance long before they set upon the path as enemies of the human race...
he was beheaded
atop an apartment building surrounded by fifty masked figures. all dressed in black jumpsuits.
only one performed the killing stroke
the sword was true
and the enemy was cut down.

his head and body were photographed and uploaded to the internet. along with a video of the execution.
his list of crimes was well known but they were posted ubiquitously.
no one was ever charged with his murder.

in the seven years since the revolt, there has been one hundred and twenty nine Ritual Killings.
the creeping death still exists.
though it has been an entire year since their 129th kill.

the following is an account of the events leading up to 130.