Never again will i live in fear of those who believe they are more powerful than others.
though i am a stranger i will be in no danger
i will speak the truth
it is the way of the seer
i once invoked a name-d king of hell
and he saw through me for a spell
in hell he said they leave you alone
and the loneliness grinds against your bones
and then you remember the abandoned crown
the up ended crown
and the instinct inside you
seeks dominion
one desires control of ones own life
how can one do this without establishing domain
all animals in nature have some sense of domain.


in the human world
i desire safe passage
and the right to be excluded in a manner of my choosing.
i do not agree with the classifications of mankind
i do not agree with many of the unnecessary restrictions placed upon the economy
i do not abide the "shopping mall" aesthetic
i do not covet materials that are not useful...but i like to eat candy.
well isn't that dandy...
Sa nd y and R an d y

how far can it go?
no body knows
no body can travel that far out
they get so far that they can never get back
one way tickit?
its a hell of a ride
we are all all ready inside of it
death is the end of this part of the trip?
fear the reaper? never again
think life will get any cheaper?
how do you do better than walmart did?
if you try to do the obvious they will head you off
but if you find that they are not paying attention
it is not for you to say

if you look in the distance far out over the horizon...and into blackness and void.
there is so much beyond hell that we forget to wonder about.
our time is so short
some day we may all be forgotten.
or perhaps with a bit of luck...
we may prevail.
if living by my code of honor means dying unremembered by my peers...so be it.
sometimes i feel good that people read and forget about me.
do you feel as alienated from society as i do?
I am knot
know nothing's of Texas
yeeeeeeee haw