Stay low yall (stay loyal)

Concentrating on all the hate things fall apart after they dont add up...aint tryin to be buyin what they are sellin me but im expected to watch and listen to what they are tellin me. They are the ones who are way over par. The ones who drive fancy cars and give a fuck if you passed the bar
And fly far away on vacation to exotic locations you must excuse my loquatiousness but fuck it it pisses me off.
they watch you and judge you but they don't know what they are doing any more than a lizard knows it's eating an insect.  it is in their nature to use and abuse people like toys or furniture.
you only know that you are not one of them by being able to spot one of them.
if you are one of them...you should either kill yourself or change your ways.
there are not too many days left in which your behavior may be tolerated.
quit fucking people over.
quit lying to them.
quit trying to make yourself look better...
quit your job...
quit fucking your way to the top...
quit trying to censor people...