Accurate Anticipation of Adversaries

Awkward abusive
walk back to where you live
leave us alone
dont come to my home

im just a ghost
been a ghost
staying ghosty
aint trying to be a host
me just aint me if im getting all the attention
i really would prefer it if you wouldn't mention
the tension that has been building this   whole   time
i tried to draw it out for yall
i even resorted to rhyme
been saying it and sayin it but I stiill have to do all the things that I actually have to do
eat sleep work bathe
dine with family spend time with the babes
maybe the baby will say mama today

the oil is royal
the leaf and the keef
if yall aint loyal then yall spoilt it for all the rest of us
you won't catch me celebrating christmas or easter of even festivus
I'm done with it all
it's time to start anew
who's gonna take the fall?
is it me or is it you?
Im crying inside....please oh lord my pride...
aint got nothin  but my life to lose.
no man alive can make me choose
 aint no god and thats the truth
   where I'm from saying things like that is rude
let me adjust my attitude
people say the way things are the way they are the way they are not
the way they used to be no sirree