my reptilian brain comes out when i'm at the mall
screamin rosebud like c-cain tryin not to fall for all the tricks
and gimmicks
its hard not to be A cynic
when you're faced with genocide and homicide and even abortion clinics
they be lockin us up and killin their kids!
there aint no reason to be eatin at their table
get the fuck out 
get free if you are able
deny them 
even though they insist
they want you to behave and thank god that you exist!
i cannot believe what these old folks believe
its like they were all scared of the universe and wanted to be deceived
its a tragedy of pageantry
a soliloquy of sorrow
got to get the fuck up and try again tomorrow
i aint quitin just because i failed
i aint doin nothin that would land me in jail
im just tryin to speak my mind
so lift your head up and respond in kind